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Simple SSL DV1

SSL Certificate Domain Validated immediate release
Certifies www.domain and domain

Simple SSL EV1

Extended Validation Certificate
Browser Green Bar
Requires Company Documents
Certifies domain and www.domain

Simple SSL Green SAN

Extended Validation Multi domain certificate
Requires manual verification of Company documents
Browser Green Bar
Certifies domain and one hostname
Expandeble with additional SAN

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€50,00 Setup Fee
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Simple SSL DV2

SSL Certificate Domain Validated. Immediate Release
Certifies the domain and hostnames (www.domain, mail.domain, server1.domain, etc.)

Simple Multi-Domain SSL

SSL Certificate Domain Validated
Includes two SAN (domains or hosts or subdomains)
For example with the two SAN included you can certify domain1 and www.domain1 OR domain1 and domain2

Simple Multi Wildcard SSL

Certificato SSL Domain Validated emissione in pochi minuti
Include due SAN (domini differenti)

  • dominio1 e mail.dominio1, dominio2 e server1.dominio2) Ogni SAN include anche tutti i server del dominio (es